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Digestion is critical to our wellbeing -- and we're talking far more than just food. Everything we consume and relate to has the potential to dysregulate or regulate us.

THUS - through Āyurvedic Science & Somatic Inquiry, we strengthen our capacity to sensationally experience and digest life to its fullest potential!

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Love up your body so it can take you where you want to go!

my mission

To encourage, inform & empower you to balance your internal and external body so that you may live with loving, holistic and elevating energy - energy that the world is craving!

Live Fully • Feel Genuinely • Embody your Empowered & Aligned Essence!

my vision

Through Āyurveda, Somatic Inquiry, Movement, Integrative Nutrition & Intentional Reflection, I help you reveal connections with the subconscious body, mind, energy & environment so you can feel vital and live our your life's purpose.

My job is to lovingly challenge you until we relieve the ROOT of what is causing discontentment from the gut out.


As a Self - Healing Coach, I will hold you to your highest self so that you not only learn how to communicate & nourish your body, mind, and intuition, but you also EMBODY that high impact being you know is within you!


From 1:1 coaching to group cleanses, body scans and nutrition consultation, hours of meditation and even more of celebration - we walk the journey together hand in hand!


Partnering with heart-centered teams brings us together to make essential changes! From dissecting the anatomy of stress to tapping into balance through our environment, there's nothing we can not do!


First and foremost I love to remember that I am a grateful and ever-learning student of life. I learn so much from each one of you, I only hope to share and impart half the wisdom.

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You are Unique.
Within Each Of Us Lies Infinite Possibilities.

We are all comprised of 3 controlling forces, think of them as dials. When tuned under one setting they support optimal function and when turned to another setting, they can cause challenges.

These are known in Ayurvedic science as the Doshas - Pitta (fire & water), Kapha (earth & water), and Vata (air & space).
There are many factors that effect the doshas, from;
How much we consume,
When we consume,
Our relationship to ourselves and ALL that surrounds us,
Our relationship to what we consume, and
What it is we consume in the first place.

This work is about discovering what brings these energies and ultimately, our body, mind, and essence, back to equilibrium (your unique state of balancing).

THUS, at Vern's Balancing Paige we...
Tune in to our senses without judgment and cultivate strong health.
Strong health nourishes the ROOT of good action.
Good action gives us the ability to complete our life's purpose
and embody your true nature.

Begin Balancing

Imbalance vikṛti

As we move throughout life relating with the world, the doshas which are prone to vitiation, have a tendency toward disequilibrium -- just like entropy and 2nd law of thermodynamics. (Exemplified in what happens your bedroom if you don't clean it -- it is prone to disaster ;))

Thus - if we do not intentionally intervene through aligned diet, and lifestyle, we start to stray away from homeostasis.

In Ayurveda, we call this "vikti." Vikti is used to measure your current state of imbalance, bringing awareness to how disease, physical discomfort and emotional unrest has manifested in the body. The goal is to come back into homeostasis (or unique state of balance), your Prakṛti, and strengthen, nourish and expand from there!


Coming Home Prakṛti

As I may have mentioned before, within each of us lies unlimited potential. We are composed of so much more than our name, our dis-ease, or jobs. Though we are all made of the same biological materials and elements (known as the pañcha mahābhūtas in Ayurveda, and the Doshas).

We all have varying ratios and arrangements that make up our unique baseline state, or innate constitution like our DNA. This is known as Prakṛti in Ayurveda. This ratio you were born with shows the dominance and deficiency in certain areas of being.

If we are not intentional, they can result in discontentment and blocks from vitality, like inability to lose or gain weight, constipation, anxiety, addiction to work, skin inflammation, etc.

THUS - we let the body tell us through signs and SENSE-ations, what we need to return to homeostasis.

client love

“…I was concerned with staying on track and not being consistent. But once we were in the process, with all of the support, I found that it ended up not being a problem!”

Alma Anguiano
Free 10 Day Digestion Reset Protocol
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