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hi, I'mVeronica!

Hello beautiful humans ~ and congratulations on beginning your transformation journey!

That’s right, the work has begun now that you declared interest in becoming your greatest healer by visiting this site ;)

I'm so honored to be here as an Ayurvedic Health & Digest Life Coach after years of self-healing, deep study, trial and error, shifting suffering into healing, and pain into pleasure.

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Much more valuable than digging into what may make me look “important”, is the fact that I care about humanity, your wellbeing, our Earth with my whole heart, and everyone I have worked with had reported positive shifts in their life.

I am dedicated to spreading love by way of healthy balancing and honest communication.

Balancing for me, looked like healing a chronic skin disease (atopic dermatitis), overcoming amenorrhea (hormonal imbalances), healing from years of eating disorders, getting rid of dizzy spells, IBS, plus shifting work & life anxiety to living the life of my dreams in a body I adore!

The  Doshas
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Meet Veronica

Diving deep for growth

I would never make you go anywhere I have not gone myself.

With years of study in yogic training and teaching, removing stagnation through Traditional Chinese Medicine, integrative nutrition, Ayurvedic digestive health, and individually guiding dozens of humans through this process, this journey will empower you to take control of your life’s story.

We help ourselves first SO THAT you can help others.

My Doshas

"Veronica has always had a lot of energy and a lot of fire!" I was born predominantly Pitta (fire + water) with Vata tendencies (air+space), and have worked to hone in that quick-moving vibrancy into my passions as a coach.

Through deep study, self-work, constant  limbic system rewiring, trials, errors, and celebrations, I am grateful to relish in my nourished earth (kapha), to live a balancing life, and support others as they do the same - We're all partners on this journey!

free breakthrough call


From 1:1 coaching to group cleanses, body scans and nutrition consultation, hours of meditation and even more of celebration - we walk the journey together hand in hand!


Partnering with heart-centered teams brings us together to make essential changes! From dissecting the anatomy of stress to tapping into balance through our environment, there's nothing we can not do!


First and foremost I love to remember that I am a grateful and ever-learning student of life. I learn so much from each one of you, I only hope to share and impart half the wisdom.

from the blog
Exercising for Longevity and Vitality | According to Āyurveda

How much exercise should I do? When should I exercise? What kind of exercise is best? With so many questions around physical movement, we can look to the time tested wisdom of ayurveda to bring in a sense of ease and grace into our practices.

Transition Safely Into Spring | Avoid Digestive and Respiratory Imbalances

With the Spring Equinox upon us, the sunlight may lead to worsening respiratory and digestive disorders. Good thing nature has all the answers to ensure we transition smoothly. Here are tips and tools to hop on the rhythms of nature through aware and intentional action.

“During this work, I was going through the worst months in my life, and it was in the middle of the pandemic... this was a steady beacon of hope in the eye of the storm. Her spirit is electric and radiant.  I always felt like I had 100% of her attention and her support.”


“I havn't had a more positive mindset on everything. My gratitude for not just being alive but also for the little things every day. Plus, my self-care has changed a lot and I actually enjoy it! Weeks use to go by like autopilot but now, it’s like yes I did that! And my positivity is bleeding out to my girlfriends! It is like we are a good girl gang and it’s because of me!”


"During the group cleanse, my stomach blockage and pain were eliminated and I got to enjoy clear skin!! My joints have become less inflamed since the cleanse and my bowels movements were completely easy, no more irritation!"


"I am feeling hydrated & strong! … There have been lots of new tricks added into my routine that have made me all-around more healthy. Also, all the breathing exercises that Veronica taught me have been a really big deal. I know now how to use them any time any day depending on how my body is feeling."

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