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Find Out Your Unique
Constitution and discover Infinite Possibilities Within Yourself.

We are all comprised of unique energies and entities - known in Ayurvedic medicine as the three Doshas - Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. These Doshas guide us and can even imbalance us - and often times go unheard and dismissed by our day-to-day selves.

Why Ayurveda?
Body Map Reading | Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment

Begin your transformation with the first critical step of any journey: Understanding and Acceptance. Find Out We discuss your unique constitution and uncover the infinite possibilities within yourself based on your homeostatic expression.

Free 10 Day Digestion Reset Protocol

Being here means you are ready to finally put an end to feeling uncomfortable in your body. By starting this journey you are declaring that you deserve to live a life where you feel good and energized in the body you are in. HOW POWERFUL! I am so excited for you!

All Inclusive Kitchari Cleanse (+ 1:1 Support)

A full unique body map analysis consult, a 3-day minimum cleanse depending on consultation results, PLUS 6-weeks of Ayurvedic coaching support to solidify integration.

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